Reese Hyde: Selected Projects


A cloud program to automatically copy obfuscated events from one Google Calendar to another.

Source on GitHub

NYC Subway Map

An Android app containing a high-quality, no-frills offline map of the New York City subway system. No ads for a clean interface and vector graphics for that crispy zoom.

App on the Google Play Store (or view the map as a webpage)


A web app that displays a clock, the daily weather, and upcoming NYC Subway arrivals.

Source & Screenshot on GitHub

E-Paper Web Viewer

A refactoring of the Waveshare IT8951 code to a simple C library for displaying images on Waveshare e-paper screens, wrapped in a Python interface. A web viewer is implemented using selenium to render dynamic webpages (e.g. Sunrise) on Waveshare e-paper screens.

Source on GitHub


A research project exploring sparse matrix-vector multiplication using the novel Ribboned Compressed Sparse Row (RiCSR) data structure and accompanying CUDA computation implementation to exploit NVIDIA GPU architecture and scale across multiple devices.

Source on GitHub

Traffic Race VR

A Google Cardboard mobile VR game in which players on a local network race each other across a highway.

Download the Android APK or check out some screenshots

Parallel Merge Sort

A parallelized implementation of the merge sort algorithm for sorting arrays in Java. This is an alternative to Java 8's Arrays.parallelSort() function and provides a 40-100% speedup.

Source on GitHub


This site! You better believe that it's delightfully overengineered, check out the repo below for details.

Source on GitHub

NFL Game Log Scraper

A web scraper written in Python to extract NFL game log data from

Source on GitHub